Gettin’ Out

We weren’t planning to convert the crib for a few more months, but sometimes the situation forces your hand.  And by that I mean, sometimes the baby climbs over the side while she’s supposed to be napping and falls on her head.  So before bed, we explained the situation to Josie and uncaged the animal.

Getting In

Stay tuned tomorrow for the thrilling sequel –  Getting In II: Getting Out.

St. Valentine

Josie has some Valentine’s Day thank-yous to send –

To Nana and Grandpa Dan, for the package of gifts, and to Great-Grandpa Marsh, for the surprise balloon and flowers

And to Alvin, for being a snuggly, furry valentine

Yook! Papa, yook!

Josie sprinted into the office to tell me about her book – “Yook!  Papa, yook!  Six fall off!  Number six!  Fall down!”  It took me a minute (like the New Guinean dinosaur), but I get it now.  Very observant, little daughter – very observant.

Wintry mix

Snow day

We’ve got nothing on Washington DC, but we do alright, snow-wise.  The bambina likes it anyway.


Look at how small that baby is.  Way too small to start potty training, right?  Right?

(See, Missy?)


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